Siberian dances…


Last December I had the privilege to get an invitation for the Christmas show of the National Dance Company of Siberia. This company founded in 1960 is famous for its Siberian folk – and more modern – dances. During the show a large ranges of choreographies, costumes, colors, music, light performances contribute to the beauty of the result.

Performances have been done all around Russia and in more than 60 countries around the world. The public has been very enthusiastic about it, thus a Mexican newspaper wrote about it: “It is hard to write about the ballet of Siberia. There is such a variety of movements and color. But it must be said that the impression made by the Company can be summed up, without fear or mistake, in a single word – “a fairy tale””[1].


En décembre, j’ai eu la chance d’assister au spectacle de Noël de l’ensemble de danse de Sibérie de Krasnoyarsk. Celle-ci vu le jour en 1960 et est connues pour ces danses alliant folk et moderne. Lors de ces différentes représentations les spectateurs assistent à un véritable kaléidoscope de chorégraphies, couleurs, costumes, musiques… La compagnie a donné des représentations à travers toute la Russie et également dans plus d’une soixantaine de pays.



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