Time to say good bye and спасибо большое!

IMG_5611.JPGComing to Russia as an EVS volunteer was a big challenge for me… I didn’t know the language and was not sure about what to expect exactly. To not make things easier, I didn’t choose to go to Moscow or a city located in the western part of the country, but instead, to go in the middle of Siberia, to KRASNOYARSK! (it took me a while to remember and be able to pronounce the name of my new home!)

When I think about all the things that happened in 9 months (trying to learn a new language and get used to the city, meet people, climb the rocks in Stolby (without ropes of course, we are in the country of real strong men and women!ahah), swimming in the Yenissei when it’s -18°C outside and the water is only 1,4°C (with a frozen pathway to get there), travelling in other places, trying to survive Siberian winter…and so much more!), I feel really lucky and grateful toward all the people that I met here, who have been here for me and part of my experience!


The first idea of this blog when it was started by Ewa, was to share about our volunteer’s life in Russia with our friends and people who would be interested by learning about our impressions (which we thought would be mainly “non-Russian” people). So I was quite surprised to see that actually many Russians were reading it, and I would like to dedicate my last article to those people who helped me and who made my stay here unforgettable. As it is quite hard to summarize nine month in only a couple of lines, I hope that I won’t forget anyone 🙂

First of all, I would like to thank everybody from Interra (my EVS hosting organization) and from Pilot (the coworking center from which we work) for having been so welcoming and having helped me to practice my Russian and thanks to who I got involved in a lot of interesting projects.


Thank you to Tanya and Ira who have been great Russian teachers, and to my amazing tandem Alyona who has been really patient with me and with who it always was a pleasure to hang out.


Thank you to the schools, universities and language schools who invited me as a guest speaker. I really enjoyed it, especially the curiosity of their students, who had sometimes some unexpected questions such as: Is it true that in France you eat flowers’ salads? What do you wear when you are at home? Which part of the snail do you eat? Is it true that people have golden teeth in France?…. ?????


Thanks to Anton and Macha who have been great mentors and who helped me a lot during my stay here, who showed me all the city and who made me feel that I could always rely on someone here. Thanks to my host family.


Thank you to the KROOP “Открытые сердца” families who really made me feel like I found a new family here in Russia and who kindly lent me winter clothes that were a lot better than the one I had brought from France to survive to the Siberian winter! Also, thank you for your great goodbye gift and for having given to me the role of my life: Snegourotchka!


Thank you to Ewa and Nastya (Gorozhankina…so many Anastasia here!) who have been my best friends here.


Thank you to my other good friends: Micha (B), Khilesha and Emilia who I will miss a lot. Thank you to Yana (L) and Olga (P) with who I had great evenings (and a great Bania/datcha experience!), thank you to Aygul (who taught me how to cook borsh!)…. Thank you to Raymond, Olga and Frédéric, it was nice to meet you here!


Thank you to Nastya (M) and Katya (Z) who have been my best students and also great friends…


Thank you to the people with who I went to Yenisseck, to Ivanov Lake and to Ergaki. I kept wonderful memories from those travels and the time spent with all of you…


Thank you to Igor, Ksenia and Liu who I had met before Russia and who I could meet again here and who have been wonderful guides for me 🙂

Thanks to everybody for making my stay in Russia so enjoyable (sorry for those I forgot to mention) and I really wish that we will meet again in the future!

Спасибо всем за Ваше гостеприимство, доброту и интерес, который вы показали мне . Я никогда не забуду Вас и надеюсь увидеть Вас в будущем… à bientôt 🙂

3 thoughts on “Time to say good bye and спасибо большое!

  1. Shaziane July 6, 2016 / 4:52 pm

    Reblogged this on Journey to Being Free and commented:
    I felt rather envious of Sarah, and hope that you find this post, and the blog as enticing as I have.


    • sarahlamouroux July 6, 2016 / 5:00 pm

      Thank you 🙂


      • Shaziane August 8, 2016 / 6:11 pm

        Не за что))


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