Welcome to the snow!

erich-taishan-kopie-e1513147812509.jpgHey guys!
INTERRA has a new EVS volunteer in Krasnoyarsk! My name’s Erich, I’m 27 and come from the Western part of Germany. I can guarantee you that it’s not as snowy and cold there as it is in Krasnoyarsk, that means only you have the real beauty of winter.

I studied psychology and politics in Germany and Finland, and I worked and studied in East / Southeast Asia for a while as well – so coming to Siberia was an obvious choice! 🙂

I’ll stay here for 9 months and I’m excited about my time at Interra. I hope to contribute to their office work in general and their PR in particular, and maybe we can even get that TEDx idea going!
See you soon,


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