Intro to an adventure

Hello, I’m a new Interra Volunteer here in Krasnoyarsk for the next 6 months. My name is Veikka Vainikka and I’m 19 years old. I come from Eastern Finland from a small town called Juuka but for the last three years I went to a high school in Kuopio, a nearby city to Juuka.I like music and theater and I’ve been studying and doing both of them for a long time. When I was little I started playing the violin but over time switched to piano, bass guitar and singing. During my high school I did different kinds of theater projects for my school, the city theater and other local theaters. I see art as a great tool for not just telling stories and looking at the world but also communicating with people. In my freetime I like to go swimming – during the winter in a swimming hall but in the summer in the beautiful lakes in Finland.

Traveling and meeting new people have always been close to my heart. Also in the future I hope that I could have a job where I get to do something international. That makes experiencing different kinds of cultures even more important for me. Russia with it’s interesting culture, rich history and importance to Finland as a neighbouring country made it a great place to come spend this winter. Next year I’ll be hoping to start studying in an university so I’m sure that the experiences that I make here will be invaluable also then.

Cultural exchange is very important in my opinion and so I think I will be trying to do something good and meaningful for the local community. I hope that I will be useful for the team of Interra. For me my volunteership is also a great chance to learn a new language and make some friends. And of course after this I can say that I have survived the Siberian winter!

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