Slovak volunteer came!

Arrival in the morning

Hi all!
всем привет!

I am new ESC volunteer in INTERRA. I am Zuzana and I came from Slovakia. I am 25 years old who came from small town Brezová pod Bradlom which is close to Czech Republic.

I arrived early in the morning on Tuesday, October 2nd, to Krasnoyarsk. I was really tired from my journey as it did not go so well all the time but I had beautiful welcoming from my mentor Elena :). That feeling when you are tired, but you see someone who is waiting for you with smile and nice poster with your name, you immediately forget about being tired. She took me to my host family Maria, we were talking a bit and went sleep. That day, I was still confused which day actually is which was funny. Elena helped me first days with basic stuff I needed. Next days I visited INTERRA, where I will stay 10 months doing my ESC. 

At the beginning of September I came home from Latvia as I was doing my 3 months internship in digital marketing agency. I studied Agrarian Trade and Marketing in Slovakia for two years, while first year I was studying as Erasmus+ student in Latvia.

I can speak in my native language, Slovak, as well as full understanding of Czech language (unfortunately, only passive way). I can speak also English and I am learning Russian nowadays.

My free time last 3 years was filled by volunteering in Erasmus Student Network in my country. I like being in international environment. Our section in university, we were doing some events to connect foreign students together with local places. Last half a year, I am doing PR and in free time I love traveling. I look forward to see places in Krasnoyarsk, especially nature. 

I am glad to be here in Krasnoyarsk, making presentations about my country and different topics and various projects in INTERRA. I am first time in Russia and it was one of my dreams. I am happy being here! 

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