Krasnoyarsk vol. 1 has finished.

P10001849 months as an EVS volunteer in Krasnoyarsk has finished. So much adventures, interesting work and funny stories. I am having mixed emotions when I look back. At the same time I feel warmth and gratitude when thinking about Interra and my colleagues. Even when sometimes I was ridiculous, moody – I have a lot of respect for you guys.  All those projects, Russian lessons( Irina!!), forums and events that I could participate and help with,  left me with warmest memories. I will miss my English students and our funny arguments, miss Pilot and Furgon. When I look back, I can highlight some keywords.

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Celebrating Krasnoyarsk´ birthday with different nationalities

WP_20170612_001On 12th of June the whole city was filled with events and parades. I was lucky to witness celebrations in Tatashev island, where different nations celebrated together. The event was called „ Communities of Yenisei“. The host nation was Chuvash Republic, a nation in the center of Russia, near Volga river.

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Amyil likes the bear bones and oh we also have someone who hunts them..

UnP1000156expected home visits in Siberia are the best. There is something in the trust and hospitality of the Russian people that is not comparable to other nations. So was the story of last weekend, when I randomly become a cossack. My zemlak,  Estonian business man Artur, who has been a big helper in Estonian community in Krasnoyarsk took me to his sister´s teremok. While we drove there, in the radio russian cheesy pop songs were playing  – and we did not mind. Continue reading

How To Survive with EVS money in Russia?


pybCwf5vZz4It is a fact that you will not be rich with EVS money. However – when it comes to Russia, you can quite easily survive with that money.  Prices are cheap and there is a lot of entertainment you can get for free. After 8 months here, I want to share my financial strategy: how to take most of your Russian experience.

Pro Opera – my most interesting month in Krasnoyarsk.

456Last month we organized  Pro Opera. What an intense 2-week period. Too much worrying for me. Many instances tested my nerves. Too much red wine and cigarettes. Too much arguing in his toilet; maybe too much kisses, while she storms out of the apartment and the bang of the door echoes in the empty corridor. Somewhere is Carmen, somewhere is King Igor, somewhere is Iolante, who are you? Continue reading

Criminal, criminal..


17413686140_8448458f2b_bI remember my dear coordinator telling me that I should never cross the Russian border with an expired visa. To be honest,  I never intentionally thought of doing that. So after all night of sweating and fever, 5 hour flight from Krasnoyarsk (where Criminal – Yuri was snoring next to me, saliva dripping on my shoulder, but I did not mind, because he was a gentleman, and switched on the light, when I started to read); 3 hour bus ride from Piter, it was my turn to get my passport checked. Continue reading

So what has EVS given me?

I have already finished th33e half of my EVS period. Time has flown and I can reflect on the pros and cons of my stay here. I rather not get into details but analyze the general pictures. So without further ado what has EVS brought me so far?

  • Connecting with my writing again

Probably the one reason I always felt something was missing in my life in Estonia, was the fact that I was not writing. It has been always my passion and love. Thanks to Interra, we are asked  regularly to write a blog about our adventures in Siberia. Continue reading