Time to say good bye and спасибо большое!

IMG_5611.JPGComing to Russia as an EVS volunteer was a big challenge for me… I didn’t know the language and was not sure about what to expect exactly. To not make things easier, I didn’t choose to go to Moscow or a city located in the western part of the country, but instead, to go in the middle of Siberia, to KRASNOYARSK! (it took me a while to remember and be able to pronounce the name of my new home!) Continue reading

Some tips about learning a new language…

12742699_10208734438420643_3415073468737284311_nLearning Russian was my main goal when I came to Russia. I had never really studied it before, and even if I had some Russian classes here (about 3 hours every week) it was obviously not enough to really improve it and to be able to reach the objective I had settled. As I was looking for some tips about how to get more comfortable with this language, I checked some forums on the internet and asked other people about it. I realized that many of them were interested about improving their language competences, so I decided to share some tips with you about what worked for me… Continue reading

The opening ceremony of the Музей-усадьба Г. В. Юдина

IMG_5588After 2 years of renovation, yesterday took place the reopening of the Музей-усадьба Г. В. Юдина. We went there with the ДоброБус project of the НОУ “Школа “Ин.яз”.

The museum located not far from the railway station, on the hills of Krasnoyarsk, offers a wonderful view from its gardens on the Yenissei river and the new “4th bridge”. Continue reading

MATRЁSHKA, Yergaki, languages and fun


The project « MATRЁSHKA:погружение в русскую культуру » of the НОУ “Школа “Ин.Яз.”gathered 45 participants (between 6 and 74 years old !), for a language immersion week in the beautiful mountains of Yergaki. It was the occasion for those participants to get together in a wonderful place, far from the city and from their usual life and to meet new people coming from Krasnoyarsk, Nasarovo, Kyzyl, Tuva, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Egypt, America and France! Continue reading

Going to the East… The Transsiberian, Ulan Ude and the Buryats

P1180767It is always quite an experience to go on board of the transiberian! People can chose between several options: Spalny Vagon (1st class), Kupé (2nd class) or Platskartny (3rd class).  Platskartny is a quite interesting choice to make if you want to travel in a “Russian way”. Besides the fact that it’s cheaper, you will share your wagon with about 50 other people and will probably get offered some food, be asked some questions about where you are from and what you do here, be asked to play some Russian card games… Sits can be used as bed or as a sofa. Usually people who have the lower sit allow the people with the upper one to sit down with them don’t want to lie down. In the train, you will always be given some sheets to make your bed and a towel, and so even if you travel only for 4 hours! Spending a night in the Platskartny might sometimes be challenging, especially when you want to walk along the wagon in the path – to go to the restroom for example – as the bed are quite little and often people’s feet, arms, heads go out and you have then to try to avoid them!

Continue reading