My friend is a foreigner!

komix_z_saranazwaIt is such a great thing! You travel 6000 km far from your country, meet new people and make new friendships. You speak in another language… or languages because sometimes one is not enough to understand each other ;). You use body language and expressions to make yourself clearer.
Language barrier? Yes, I’ve heard that something like this exist. However when you meet great, open people it’s not bothering you so much (even if you mix different languages and make mistakes). Continue reading

The advantages and disadvantages of living in Krasnoyarsk.

keep-calm-and-love-russia-295Final evaluation
I decided to make this lists of what I like and dislike in Krasnoyarsk (comparing to Poland). It might be useful when you are planning to come to Krasnoyarsk for a longer period of time or just for a short travel, or maybe you are asking yourself if you can live in Siberia?

+ A lot of sunny days (at least much more then in Poland) and it is almost never raining.
+ Very good dairy products.
+ Cheaper caviar and wider variety from different fishes.
+ Cheap and quality vodka. Continue reading

Reflection: the other side of the coin…

12314358_10205235077023151_6272819621775526215_oHere I am, with only one week to finish my adventure- 9 months EVS in Russia.
During my reflection about this time I found that we (me and Sarah) always write how our volunteer life is amazing, full of great experience and funny moments. Unfortunately this is only one side of the coin. The other side is a little bit different.
During my 9 months abroad I missed a lot of important moments from my “ordinary” Polish life: Continue reading

Siberian extreme: hardening

morsy1Last Sunday Me and Sarah tried real Siberian extreme: hardening in the Yenisei with «Белый медведь» клуб моржей, “The white bear” walrus club in Остров Татышев- the Tatyshev island.
This is a perfect place for extreme seekers who are looking for a big dose of adrenaline in the icy-cold river Yenisei.
I have to admit we were frightened that it will be dangerous and we can die for a heart attack.
It turns out that hardening in the cold river is safe and very healthy. Moreover even pregnant women and small kids can do it. The youngest one was 1,5 years old!
I have to say I was relieved when I heard about it. I thought: If the kids can do it so can I!
Going back to the story… This experience was amazing. Even though I don’t remember everything because of the shock… Continue reading

Russian food

12277207_10205136524159391_1605449479_nI think Russian food is very delicious. Even though Polish and Russian cuisine has some similarities like: голубцы (meat with rice in cabbage), холодец (meat jelly), apple pie, cheesecake, you can always find something surprising and different.

1. Солянка- Mmmm this soup is incredible- spicy, sour and full of meat. They serve it with olives (more fancy version with capary), lemon and sour cream. This person who devised recipe with lemon in this soup was BRILIANT! Taste is amazing, and helps with recovering during hangover (that’s what I’ve heard^^) Continue reading

Welcome in the Winter Wonderland

12570911_10205462612591398_234016119_nOh Yeah, winter in Siberia is as cold as stories and legends tell. But I have never thought it could be so beautiful. Today is a lovely, sunny day with -37 degrees. Snow is on the streets, trees are covered with stunning, thick and white frost. I really feel like in the Winter Wonderland. The key for joy is to wear properly. Do not fool yourself, when you feel that your ass is frozen you can never enjoy Siberian winter. Continue reading

New Year’s Eve

12575718_10205473780790596_763675674_nNew Year’s Eve- is the most important holliday in Russia. They spent it till midnight with their families, then go to meet with friends for a partie.
I was so lucky that I was with my family in Poland for Christmas (which is the most important holiday for us) and then I flight to Russia for New Year. I went to the best Russian family ever. They invite me to them and share with a wide variety of Russian food. Continue reading

Language traps

Take care about others! Keep silence!

When I came to Russia for the very first time I was able to communicate in Russian. It wasn’t master level, but I could ask for help and did some shopping. It was just to communicate in a simple way. After my 5 months living in Russia I can admit that I know Russian much better. That’s why I decided to do some small guide. I hope it will be useful.

1. At first I strongly recommend to learn basic. I always try to learn the simplest words language country where I will go. Even simple: good morning- здравствуите and
thank you- спасибо will be usefull. Continue reading