New year on Lake Baikal


What better way to celebrate the New Year in a place as mythical as Lake Baikal? A group of friends from Krasnoyarsk, St. Petersburg or Tomsk have done it, and I was with them! The journey started at Krasnoyarsk station, where a good part of the group met at around 2 pm. 2 pm, Krasnoyarsk time: in Russia, the time shown on the tickets and on the station clock is that of Moscow. Thirty minutes later, the train departed for twenty hours of travel through the plateaus and forests of Siberia. In Irkutsk, the journey was not over. We still had four hours traveling by minibus to reach the lodging where we would stay for a few days. We did not wait to use the guitar: in the minibus, we started to sing French and Russian songs. For the rest of the stay, the songs were never ever far away.

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