Amyil likes the bear bones and oh we also have someone who hunts them..

UnP1000156expected home visits in Siberia are the best. There is something in the trust and hospitality of the Russian people that is not comparable to other nations. So was the story of last weekend, when I randomly become a cossack. My zemlak,  Estonian business man Artur, who has been a big helper in Estonian community in Krasnoyarsk took me to his sister´s teremok. While we drove there, in the radio russian cheesy pop songs were playing  – and we did not mind. Continue reading

On Russian schools

eer4Even though I have not done that much, I really love going to schools to speak about EVS and our country. My 2017 resolution will be: promote more EVS in schools. ( I know Russians are not really into that kind of resolutions) However – last year – we did go a few times to universities and gymnasiums. I also have randomly wandered in some of them. There are some weird things I have noticed. Continue reading

Take the gloves, sweetie.


I wanted to start my second part of my EVS with more going out of my comfort zone. Me and my local friend planned to go for Sambo training – that is martial arts developed in Russia. Sadly he could not go, so I had to find another place. I told about my interest to my Tajikistan friend Murat, who had been doing ji-jiutsu and boxing from the early age. One day he invited me to join the training. Continue reading

Dostojevski, On arrival training and Little Idiot

15211791_1253025761429905_2141521981_nI really can not function without proper sleep. So now I am sitting in an empty hotel corridor, while everyone else is sleeping. The time difference from Krasnoyarsk is -4.

Our On-Arrival training took place in Rostov Velikiy. Magnificent and peaceful place. Kremlin and its grandiose onion – shaped bell towers. Windy Nero Lake and old man with a walking stick yelling at passers-by.
Continue reading

If the winner takes it all, I take Cheburashka..

14996333_1239767709422377_1666359355_nYou can give me breathtaking views in Stolby. You can give me tasty конфеты from Kraskon. You can give me a great win on Saturday football. You can give me rich Russian dinners or inspiring Russian lessons. You can give me post-card beauty in Krasnoyarsk train station or the moments, when the first snowflakes drop on the windows. You can give me the peaceful walks on the Набережная or challenging Estonian lessons in Karl Marks Library. You can give me true friendship or Russian guy or beauty of local girls.. but! But nothing compares with my joy when I met first time in my life Чебурашка. Continue reading

the Estonian night, Seto babushki and Samagon!

8brxwid49ayFinally we did it. First Estonian night in Krasnoyarsk is done. We showed local people Estonian dances, taught Estonian songs and our culture. It was a challenge. Emotional roller coaster. Happiness and a sense of accomplishment, then again paranoia that everything will go wrong. I learned many things in this journey. I learned about friendship and working together on one goal. I learned to face my fears and encourage people to try and challenge themselves. Continue reading