My first months in Krasnoyarsk

20046654_10213787890837895_4035055133037305410_nIt is two months I am in Krasnoyarsk, and I am enjoying the city, people and my work so much!

At the beginning of July, I have been with my host Aygul and her family to dacha. That was a great experience! For those who do not know, dacha is not a simple country house. Russian people go there both to escape the city, both to work. The culture of dachas is a kind of compensation to a city dweller for the cramped living conditions… There, in the embrace of nature, people enjoy fishing, swimming, picking mushrooms and growing their own vegetables. That was great for me, because I experienced a real Russian way to live and spent a weekend in a particular way. Continue reading

Siberia, here I am! 

13920857_10210473819548184_7670395924289235877_nHello everyone!

My name is Federica and I am the new EVS volunteer. I am from Valenza Po, a small town in Piedmont, in the North of Italy. Valenza is an international goldsmith centre, specialized in jewellery production, cradle of the secular handcraft tradition

I studied Foreign Languages at the University of Pavia, a town in Lombardy, not so far from Milan. I am specialized in English, French and Russian. Continue reading

French evening: music, poems and funny games

French1If someone had entered Pilot on Sunday 9th April at 19.30 about, he would have seen strange people playing with oranges and cones. Everything was alright, they were just playing a French game named “pétanque” with what they had on hand. The aim is to as close as possible to the “cochonnet” (the little ball) . But Interra’s French evening was not just about playing. You could also hear traditional and more recent French songs, or fly with the French poet Jacques Prévert’s birds while the group “linguistic theatre” were reading his poem. Continue reading

Estonian quest, Estonian song

Esto_1In the hall, each one prepares the last details. This Friday evening there was an event that a dynamic team had been preparing for some time already. The principle is simple but fun: the team has prepared eight stations to learn something interesting about Estonia: a dance, words, games, or discover that Skype was invented by the Swedes but that the Estonians Have appropriated the idea. Continue reading

The opening ceremony of the Музей-усадьба Г. В. Юдина

IMG_5588After 2 years of renovation, yesterday took place the reopening of the Музей-усадьба Г. В. Юдина. We went there with the ДоброБус project of the НОУ “Школа “Ин.яз”.

The museum located not far from the railway station, on the hills of Krasnoyarsk, offers a wonderful view from its gardens on the Yenissei river and the new “4th bridge”. Continue reading

MATRЁSHKA, Yergaki, languages and fun


The project « MATRЁSHKA:погружение в русскую культуру » of the НОУ “Школа “Ин.Яз.”gathered 45 participants (between 6 and 74 years old !), for a language immersion week in the beautiful mountains of Yergaki. It was the occasion for those participants to get together in a wonderful place, far from the city and from their usual life and to meet new people coming from Krasnoyarsk, Nasarovo, Kyzyl, Tuva, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Egypt, America and France! Continue reading

Easter and our trip to Yeniseyck with the Добробус

P1170186Easter (Пасха) was celebrated in Russia on the 1st of May. Let’s remind that religious events in Russia depend on the Julian calendar and not on the Gregorian one that we use in several European countries.

For this occasion we went with the Добробус to Yeniseyck (Енисейск), that is 275 km in the north of Krasnoyarsk. Continue reading