the Estonian night, Seto babushki and Samagon!

8brxwid49ayFinally we did it. First Estonian night in Krasnoyarsk is done. We showed local people Estonian dances, taught Estonian songs and our culture. It was a challenge. Emotional roller coaster. Happiness and a sense of accomplishment, then again paranoia that everything will go wrong. I learned many things in this journey. I learned about friendship and working together on one goal. I learned to face my fears and encourage people to try and challenge themselves. Continue reading

Healing, mountains..and Little Mushroom.

                                          elhdx1lcymg                                         Maybe it is not the best idea to go hiking with my infected knee. Maybe it is not a good idea to go to Stolby after night out in a bar, I thought. But then again, I witnessed the perfect weather and little helper who was so keen to take me there. I started to call her Mushroom, because she was small and cute.

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