The most boring moment in my Krasnoyarsk..

221Once I went to Opera here. I hated it. Why do they have to scream like that? Why is it so dramatic? Why is it so long? Even worse,  I was publicly humiliated by my company. Second time I went to see Opera film. Free tickets, so  I will not risk anything, I thought. Continue reading

So what has EVS given me?

I have already finished th33e half of my EVS period. Time has flown and I can reflect on the pros and cons of my stay here. I rather not get into details but analyze the general pictures. So without further ado what has EVS brought me so far?

  • Connecting with my writing again

Probably the one reason I always felt something was missing in my life in Estonia, was the fact that I was not writing. It has been always my passion and love. Thanks to Interra, we are asked  regularly to write a blog about our adventures in Siberia. Continue reading