Siberia, here I am! 

13920857_10210473819548184_7670395924289235877_nHello everyone!

My name is Federica and I am the new EVS volunteer. I am from Valenza Po, a small town in Piedmont, in the North of Italy. Valenza is an international goldsmith centre, specialized in jewellery production, cradle of the secular handcraft tradition

I studied Foreign Languages at the University of Pavia, a town in Lombardy, not so far from Milan. I am specialized in English, French and Russian. Continue reading

One day of an Interra’s EVS volonteer

Evreux“What are you doing in Krasnoyarsk?” I have often been asked this question. It is a good question. What does an EVS volunteer do in Interra? Some answers with words and pictures.

« Et qu’est-ce que tu fais, à Krasnoïarsk ? » On m’a souvent posé cette question. C’est vrai, ça. Que fait un volontaire en service volontaire européen à Interra ? Quelques éléments de réponse en mots et en images.

“Чем ты занимаешься в Красноярске?” Мне очень много раз задавали этот вопрос. Это – хороший вопрос. Чем занимается ЕВС-волонтер в Интерре? Вот я отвечу, словами и фотографиями.

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A new volunteer from Scotland!

CampbeltownHello! My name is Emily and I’m the new EVS volunteer for Interra. I arrived in Krasnoyarsk on Sunday and I will live, work and study here for the next six months. I was born in Germany and my family moved to the UK when I was 3 years old. My parents and I live in Scotland in a small town called Campbeltown, and I study Russian, German and Ukrainian at Cambridge University in the south of England. Continue reading

Guillaume, French volunteer, has arrived

Post_presentationI am Guillaume, the new French EVS volunteer. I will be involved in different activities, such as French lessons or cultural exchanges. I arrived this week-end in Krasnoïarsk, and today is my first day in Interra. I come from Beaumont-le-Roger, a small French town that even French people do not know about. There, I used to write articles (in French, of course !) for local newspapers. I wanted to discover Russian culture by living several months in a Russian town and be involved in different activities. So, I am here, and happy to be here ! Continue reading

Time to say good bye and спасибо большое!

IMG_5611.JPGComing to Russia as an EVS volunteer was a big challenge for me… I didn’t know the language and was not sure about what to expect exactly. To not make things easier, I didn’t choose to go to Moscow or a city located in the western part of the country, but instead, to go in the middle of Siberia, to KRASNOYARSK! (it took me a while to remember and be able to pronounce the name of my new home!) Continue reading

Samovar, a Russian love story…

P1160643.JPGI was quite surprise to see that in Russia you can basically find museums about everything! I noticed that many Russians love culture and are proud of it. They can tell you a whole story and create a whole museum about an object of your daily life… Ok, let’s say that the Samovar is not only an object of the daily life, no that’s more! In Russia it is a legend! Continue reading

Mid-term training in Vladimir, the Golden ring and new resolutions!

P1160933.JPGLast week I got the occasion to take part to the midterm training of the EVS volunteers in Russia. Unfortunately as Ewa left yesterday, she didn’t have the opportunity to attend it because as the name indicates it, it should be done in the middle of your EVS (or at least 2 months before the end of it).

The idea of the training is to exchange with the other volunteers about our projects, share feedbacks, ideas and look for solutions about common issues that we have. Continue reading

Reflection: the other side of the coin…

12314358_10205235077023151_6272819621775526215_oHere I am, with only one week to finish my adventure- 9 months EVS in Russia.
During my reflection about this time I found that we (me and Sarah) always write how our volunteer life is amazing, full of great experience and funny moments. Unfortunately this is only one side of the coin. The other side is a little bit different.
During my 9 months abroad I missed a lot of important moments from my “ordinary” Polish life: Continue reading