Some tips about learning a new language…

12742699_10208734438420643_3415073468737284311_nLearning Russian was my main goal when I came to Russia. I had never really studied it before, and even if I had some Russian classes here (about 3 hours every week) it was obviously not enough to really improve it and to be able to reach the objective I had settled. As I was looking for some tips about how to get more comfortable with this language, I checked some forums on the internet and asked other people about it. I realized that many of them were interested about improving their language competences, so I decided to share some tips with you about what worked for me… Continue reading

Нити Красноярска, a new tool for discovering Krasnoyarsk

B-ePONhC_0kIt is quite unlikely that you will hear someone in Russia or elsewhere saying that this summer he will go to Krasnoyarsk for his vacations. Usually foreigners don’t know this city and many Russians have never been there. I have to confess myself that before to look for an EVS project in Russia and see this Interra’s project in Krasnoyarsk, I had never heard about this city. That’s quite a pity because Krasnoyarsk is a nice place, with a nice city center and a great nature surrounding it. Continue reading

Russian superstitions

FullSizeRenderOne of the things that surprised me the most about Russia is about superstitions! Of course – as in any other country – people don’t always believe in them – actually most of my friends don’t pay attention of them and  some don’t even really know what they are about  – but I think that it is very interesting! Indeed, first of all I don’t want to misbehave or be rude because I did something wrong (that I ignored but could have avoided if I had known about it before) and that hurt the feeling of someone (who will for example think that somebody is going to die or that the all house will be in debts because of what I did!). So I decided to look for the main superstitions that exist in Russia and to write this article about them!  Continue reading