Cultural Differences: Italy VS Russia

ImmagineIt has been more than three months that I live in Krasnoyarsk and, in the past time, I have been twice in St. Petersburg and once in Moscow. Take what follows as a personal observation, due to a variety of trips and daily life spent in the greatest Country in the world.

The first question they asked me when arrived in Krasnoyarsk: have you felt any kind of cultural shock? My answer, in general, is no. Maybe because I already lived in Russia, I know the traditions, and I know exactly what to expect and what NOT to expect. However, which are the more tangible differences?

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One evening in a dacha


I had already tasted the small apples, that colleagues Interra had deposited on their table and I had often be spoken about datcha (дача, in Russian), but I had never seen one. When, an evening, I was offered to go to Aygul’s dacha with her mother and her brother, I agreed. Continue reading

Samovar, a Russian love story…

P1160643.JPGI was quite surprise to see that in Russia you can basically find museums about everything! I noticed that many Russians love culture and are proud of it. They can tell you a whole story and create a whole museum about an object of your daily life… Ok, let’s say that the Samovar is not only an object of the daily life, no that’s more! In Russia it is a legend! Continue reading

Russian food

12277207_10205136524159391_1605449479_nI think Russian food is very delicious. Even though Polish and Russian cuisine has some similarities like: голубцы (meat with rice in cabbage), холодец (meat jelly), apple pie, cheesecake, you can always find something surprising and different.

1. Солянка- Mmmm this soup is incredible- spicy, sour and full of meat. They serve it with olives (more fancy version with capary), lemon and sour cream. This person who devised recipe with lemon in this soup was BRILIANT! Taste is amazing, and helps with recovering during hangover (that’s what I’ve heard^^) Continue reading

New Year’s Eve

12575718_10205473780790596_763675674_nNew Year’s Eve- is the most important holliday in Russia. They spent it till midnight with their families, then go to meet with friends for a partie.
I was so lucky that I was with my family in Poland for Christmas (which is the most important holiday for us) and then I flight to Russia for New Year. I went to the best Russian family ever. They invite me to them and share with a wide variety of Russian food. Continue reading

Restaurant day 21.11

12305916_10205180090808530_1376017392_nI had an opportunity to went once again for Restaurant day in Krasnoyarsk. It was in cultural/ creative space Kamenka (Каменка), but this time it was inside of the building, because of cold ( hmhm only -25C). We went there with nice international team: me from Poland, Sarah from France, Peter from Germany, Natasha and Siergiej from Russia.
When we came it turns out that one part of Kamenka is amazing, brand new, renovate building in modern style with fancy shops and café. Second part is still not refurbished but SOO beautiful with big chandelier and entresol, which looked like a palace. Continue reading

Restaurant day

Restauracyjny dzien
Our menu: borszcz, soljanka, sausages with mustard.

Yesterday in Krasnoyarsk took place a restaurant day. Together with our participants from KrasDam we were promoting Russian cousine: soljanka, barszcz, and German: sausage in roll with mustard. Germans were really professional grill team, because sausages were tasty, and rolls crunchy… and because of this after less then one hour we didn’t have more products. Continue reading