Tango in Siberia

DSCN7178When Argentine sun and Siberian snow meet, the result is great. This spring – yes, yes, we sank in six centimetres of snow when we ventured a bit in nature, but still, it was spring, Natalia taught the tango far from his country of origin, in a village lost in the depths of South Siberia. It is here, in Petropavlovka, that the organization Grüner Grashalm eV. stays and where adventurers from different countries get to know each other, make friends and share moments with the people of the village. In April 2017, the tango was in the spotlight. Continue reading

French evening: music, poems and funny games

French1If someone had entered Pilot on Sunday 9th April at 19.30 about, he would have seen strange people playing with oranges and cones. Everything was alright, they were just playing a French game named “pétanque” with what they had on hand. The aim is to as close as possible to the “cochonnet” (the little ball) . But Interra’s French evening was not just about playing. You could also hear traditional and more recent French songs, or fly with the French poet Jacques Prévert’s birds while the group “linguistic theatre” were reading his poem. Continue reading

How to see an Italian film doubled in Russian arriving half an hour late?

kinograf_1Friday. Night has already fallen. The film (8.5 by Fellini) starts at 8 pm. It’s 8.30 pm. I’m on a street, in search of the cinema Kinograf, 153, Proletarian Street. We are in Russia! No cinema on the horizon. It’s cold. Everything is fine. Not a cat. Anyway, in my opinion, a cat would not help me finding where 8.5 by Fellini is broadcasted. I do not know why, cats are not fans of Fellini. I have often had occasion to notice it. Continue reading

Dacha, bania, heat and snow

Sundatcha_1day night. I had just returned from France when my phone rang. The number was unknown, the voice was not. It was Yura’s, a friend I met obanian my trip to Lake Baikal. “Bratishka!”, he said to make sure I understood who he was. He was in Krasnoyarsk and proposed to repeat the experiment we had had at Lake Baikal: bania. “I’ll pick you up in twenty minutes.” My last round in Russia started on the hook! Continue reading

New year on Lake Baikal


What better way to celebrate the New Year in a place as mythical as Lake Baikal? A group of friends from Krasnoyarsk, St. Petersburg or Tomsk have done it, and I was with them! The journey started at Krasnoyarsk station, where a good part of the group met at around 2 pm. 2 pm, Krasnoyarsk time: in Russia, the time shown on the tickets and on the station clock is that of Moscow. Thirty minutes later, the train departed for twenty hours of travel through the plateaus and forests of Siberia. In Irkutsk, the journey was not over. We still had four hours traveling by minibus to reach the lodging where we would stay for a few days. We did not wait to use the guitar: in the minibus, we started to sing French and Russian songs. For the rest of the stay, the songs were never ever far away.

Cars on the lake Continue reading