One week, two international projects

21104213_1553631924725347_945146544_oFor a week at the beginning of August, Krasnoyarsk was filled with new faces, new ideas and different languages, as Interra hosted two groups of young people from Germany, Bulgaria and Finland. We organised two different projects – PhotoСинтез, a project for school students about photography, art, history and culture, and an International Summer School for German and Russian students, focused on business, social enterprise and the work of NGOs. Continue reading

One day of an Interra’s EVS volonteer

Evreux“What are you doing in Krasnoyarsk?” I have often been asked this question. It is a good question. What does an EVS volunteer do in Interra? Some answers with words and pictures.

« Et qu’est-ce que tu fais, à Krasnoïarsk ? » On m’a souvent posé cette question. C’est vrai, ça. Que fait un volontaire en service volontaire européen à Interra ? Quelques éléments de réponse en mots et en images.

“Чем ты занимаешься в Красноярске?” Мне очень много раз задавали этот вопрос. Это – хороший вопрос. Чем занимается ЕВС-волонтер в Интерре? Вот я отвечу, словами и фотографиями.

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A new volunteer from Scotland!

CampbeltownHello! My name is Emily and I’m the new EVS volunteer for Interra. I arrived in Krasnoyarsk on Sunday and I will live, work and study here for the next six months. I was born in Germany and my family moved to the UK when I was 3 years old. My parents and I live in Scotland in a small town called Campbeltown, and I study Russian, German and Ukrainian at Cambridge University in the south of England. Continue reading

An Estonian volunteer Krismar has arrived..

zcl44k7bwwgTere! ( in Estonia hello) My name is Krismar ( not Christmas, as my international friends call me). I am an Estonian volunteer who arrived in Krasnoyarsk as a volunteer. To be honest, it was not very easy to explain to my parents and friends that why on Earth will Estonian go to Siberia as a volunteer! It was a challenge and I managed. Now I am here. I really like the river Yennisei, fresh air and amazing parks. Continue reading

My on-arrival meeting in Rostov the Great

P1130068Last week I had the opportunity to take part to the on-arrival training organized by SALTO[1] for EVS volunteers in Russia. We were a group of 14 people coming from different countries (Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Czech, Slovakia, Latvia, France) who were volunteering in different parts of Russia: Samara (for the majority), Yoshkar-Ola, Kirov, Ufa, Saint Petersburg, Nizhi Novgorod, Perm and Krasnoyarsk (because you always need someone coming from Siberia :D)! Continue reading


q_EuOLD_LtcFrom 1st-7th of November me and Sarah had an opportunity to took part in the amazing project „From Idea to the Action” “ОТ ИДЕИ К ДЕЙСТВИЮ”. It was a project for youth at age from 14 to 17 years old, from Krasnoyarsk region: Krasnoyarsk city, Tomsk, Omsk, Seviersk, Hakasia- 89 kids, 16 teachers, trainers, mentors… in general about 120 people!
Participants were devided for a different groups. They could choosed between 3 different seminars: ecology, creative, divers city and interesting master-classes.
Again we were working with a great team and marvelous youth. Continue reading

Winter is coming!

zima4Not so long ago I was writing about extremely hot autumn weekend… well as you can see we have already started winter in Siberia. It’s not SO cold, but still it’s October and probably snow and temperature below 0, will be till April (I have to admit that somehow this idea is quite depressing^^). I have to add that people knows how to deal with cold temperature. Ok, maybe it’s obvious because they have winter half of a year, but anyway I’m impressed. Started from the warmest: fur coats (шуба) and down jackets (пухавик).
About fur coats which is kind of a stereotype about Russia: believe me when temperature is -20 or even colder you don’t think about fancy, ‘swag’ clothes. The survival mode is on! 🙂 Continue reading

Sunday meeting

ekspertLast Sunday we had a great opportunity to promote our program (EVS) and voluntary. Me and Sarah were invited for a meeting in a “School of Volunteers” (Школа Волонтеров) where we were talking about our experience in international and local projects.

I said about my short- term projects called ‘Youth in Action’ (now Erasmus+).
In Bulgaria our topic was “Mission Possible: Youth Employment and Youth entrepreneurship”, in Armenia “Rocky Road to Peace”. Continue reading

Presentation of a new “writer” on this blog…


Привет ! Меня зовут Capa (Sarah), oчень приятно !
Hello everybody,
My name is Sarah and I’m the French new volunteer working for Interra. I arrived 2 weeks ago and I’ll stay in Krasnoyarsk during 9 months to do my EVS. I’m really excited about discovering Russian culture, Siberian way of living and I would be very glad to share my impressions with you on this blog!

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