Restaurant day

Restauracyjny dzien
Our menu: borszcz, soljanka, sausages with mustard.

Yesterday in Krasnoyarsk took place a restaurant day. Together with our participants from KrasDam we were promoting Russian cousine: soljanka, barszcz, and German: sausage in roll with mustard. Germans were really professional grill team, because sausages were tasty, and rolls crunchy… and because of this after less then one hour we didn’t have more products. Continue reading

Can I be an artist?


From 4-16th August Interra has been providing a project “KrasDam“. This is an artistic project with creative youth from Germany- Potsdam with organization Kunstwerk.
At the beginning I thought: Me? Being a participant in art-festival? What am I supposed to do? 
Im not an artist…. Well, all my life I had a complex. I thought I don’t have any artistic talent. Only here I realized that in art there is no frames, limits, certain styles. Maybe it’s not a big deal, but for me it was a huge step. Participants embrace me with open hands, and for the very first time I felt like an artist.
That’s why I appeal to all: Don’t be shy! Everybody can create!

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