The Estonian Quest..


img_8480I am more than happy that another Estonian event is behind us. With an amazing team we produced another  successful event. Thank you for Siberian Estonians, Guigui, Katya, Nastya, Yulia,Tatyana,  Artur for making it work.

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Do you need a taxi?

bs107For me taxis have always been fascinating window into everyday life. I also have always considered taxi drivers more mature and experienced people in the world. Because nights are full of stories, darkness, chaos and devils. Those are things that make people appreciate more beautiful times, light and happiness. I still remember Estonian summer, where two crazy guys killed one kind-hearted taxi driver. It was unexpected horror. I remember taking taxis in my home city. All the taxi drivers were in paranoia, when I entered, big scary eyes looking you up:

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Siberia. On teaching..

epgvxiemm6uI had no idea when I came to Siberia that I will start to teach a language. Moreover, I had no idea that I would love it. Now I am seriously thinking of becoming a teacher. I am currently in my home country and thinking of my future. I am 26 years old and done so many normal and weird jobs. It is time for at least some kind of proper job. And teaching, the silent, step-by-step passion is silently crawling in my veins.

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