An Estonian volunteer Krismar has arrived..

zcl44k7bwwgTere! ( in Estonia hello) My name is Krismar ( not Christmas, as my international friends call me). I am an Estonian volunteer who arrived in Krasnoyarsk as a volunteer. To be honest, it was not very easy to explain to my parents and friends that why on Earth will Estonian go to Siberia as a volunteer! It was a challenge and I managed. Now I am here. I really like the river Yennisei, fresh air and amazing parks. Continue reading

The opening ceremony of the Музей-усадьба Г. В. Юдина

IMG_5588After 2 years of renovation, yesterday took place the reopening of the Музей-усадьба Г. В. Юдина. We went there with the ДоброБус project of the НОУ “Школа “Ин.яз”.

The museum located not far from the railway station, on the hills of Krasnoyarsk, offers a wonderful view from its gardens on the Yenissei river and the new “4th bridge”. Continue reading

Easter and our trip to Yeniseyck with the Добробус

P1170186Easter (Пасха) was celebrated in Russia on the 1st of May. Let’s remind that religious events in Russia depend on the Julian calendar and not on the Gregorian one that we use in several European countries.

For this occasion we went with the Добробус to Yeniseyck (Енисейск), that is 275 km in the north of Krasnoyarsk. Continue reading

Siberian extreme: hardening

morsy1Last Sunday Me and Sarah tried real Siberian extreme: hardening in the Yenisei with «Белый медведь» клуб моржей, “The white bear” walrus club in Остров Татышев- the Tatyshev island.
This is a perfect place for extreme seekers who are looking for a big dose of adrenaline in the icy-cold river Yenisei.
I have to admit we were frightened that it will be dangerous and we can die for a heart attack.
It turns out that hardening in the cold river is safe and very healthy. Moreover even pregnant women and small kids can do it. The youngest one was 1,5 years old!
I have to say I was relieved when I heard about it. I thought: If the kids can do it so can I!
Going back to the story… This experience was amazing. Even though I don’t remember everything because of the shock… Continue reading

The Yenissei and its islands

P1130843.JPGThe name of the Yenissei was not unknown for me when I came to Krasnoyarsk. I remember that when I was in highschool we had to study Russia in our geography class and that we told a lot about this 4,000 river (the same distance than the one there is between Krasnoyarsk and Moscow). I also remember that it was the river that Michel Strogoff (a book published by Jules Verne in 1876) was trying to cross to be able to get until Irkutsk and accomplished his mission for the Tsar. So when I arrived in Krasnoyarsk, I was quite impatient to discover what this river looks like. Continue reading

С лёгким паром! (que la vapeur soit légère !)


Bania … before coming to Russia that was something that I really wanted to try. I had seen it in several movies and had heard several times about the “tree hitting” done with from the веник – made of birch or pin branches that are stored in a bucket of water – that many Russians seem to enjoy a lot. After having done some researches on the internet about it, I discovered that actually many spas through Europe and US adopted the practice of what they call the Russian steam bath. What makes it so special is that the heat comes from a brick stove that is sprinkled with water. Continue reading

On the path of Stolby’s “inhabitants”

P1130982Last week we went with Ewa and Misha for a walk in the central Stolby. Stolby Natural Reserve was created in 1925. Its name comes from the Russian name Stolby which means Pillars and that refers to the unusually shaped mountains that are present there. There are more than 100 of those pillars and all of them have different names and stories[1]. The park was indeed nominated as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Continue reading

Divnogorsk city and Krasnoyarsk Dam on Yenisei river

11798280_10204549431882451_1233793278_nTogether with Polish participants from project “Poznaj sąsiada-poznaj siebie” (“Meet neighbour- know yourself”) we went for a trip to Divnogorsk city which is located on the right shore of Yenisei river, 40km from Krasnojarsk. Trip by ship was pleasant, through we all had a hope for wind in our hair*. Regredfully we had to sit under a deck, without possibility to exit downstars. Divnogorsk is a sleepy, small city (with less then 30 000 population) located on the right Yenisei shore with beautifull view for hills and forests.
Continue reading